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This option is ideal for owners wishing to handle the ongoing management of their property but looking to hire a professional to handle placing a tenant in your property. 

Once the tenant is in your property, we hand over the monthly management to you. This option may be ideal if you are still in the area or are comfortable handling the monthly management of your property but need help in all of the detailed initial work of finding and securing a tenant for your home. 

Tenant Finder Program (Or Lease Up) Services: 

  • Provide free market analysis and a consultation 
  • Take photographs and adverts your property on Our site, Zillow, AHRN, and other sites. 
  • Show your property to prospective tenants and answer questions that arise. 
  • Perform Full Tenant Screening & Selection. 
  • Completed all leasing paperwork 
  • Collect the first month’s rent and security deposit (pet deposits as well if applicable) 
  • Perform a move-in inspection. 
  • Arrange for keys to be given to the tenant upon designated move in day.